Spa BeautyFibrolift is a Personalized Aesthetic Cell Therapy intended for the treatment of facial contour deformities in adults. This autologous treatment provides a personalized way to aesthetically improve a person’s face deformities using her (or his) own collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts).

Fibroblasts are cells that live in our skin – they produce collagen, which is necessary for the firmness and the structure of the skin. The problem is that as we age, collagen breaks down and wrinkles develop. Theracell’s procedure takes care of that problem by using our own collagen producing cells for the improvement of the look of our face.

The process relies on an innovative, state-of-the-art technology. To begin, the physician takes three small skin samples (3mm biopsies) from behind the ear, using a local anaesthetic and sends them to Theracell’s manufacturing facility. Using a special process, Theracell expands these skin fibroblasts. These expanded fibroblast cells undergo a comprehensive quality controlled process that takes several weeks. All cells are cryopreserved (frozen) and stored at the state-of-the-art Theracell’s facility for potential future expansion and use.

When the autologous fibroblasts are successfully expanded and thoroughly tested, Theracell will contact the physician, who will then schedule 3 injections that are 3 to 6 weeks apart. The cells are then sent to the physician’s office, so that they are ready for use on the day of the appointment. Using a small needle, the physician will inject the fibroblasts directly onto the facial deformities (wrinkles, acne scars, nasolabial and melolabial folds, periorbital, vermilion and glabellar lines and other defects). The patient receives 3 separate autologous fibroblasts treatments every 3 to 6 weeks and she/he will begin to see results by the time of the third treatment.