Our People

2_scientistsTheracell invests heavily in well educated, experienced, talented, innovative people. We believe that only a well organized, interactive and trained team will be able to support our long-term growth.

All our people are leaders in their disciplines and have long-term exposure and experience in multinational companies in the bio-pharmaceutical sector.

SyLabOur scientists hold a PhD and significant post-doctoral training in a biomedical field. They all have vast experience in stem cells, regenerative biotechnology and tissue bioengineering. Their combined innovative approach is the factor that guides our research and development department in a way that sustains a constant production of new ideas. These people will take those out-of-the-box ideas and will materialize them into new products that will change the approach to treating common diseases.

Their commitment is the progress of science. They have been chosen because they align themselves with our core values: passion, integrity, true innovation. This attitude helps them develop advanced, creative, biotechnology applications.