Our Values

ValuesOur core values are driven by the fact that we want to develop innovative products that will help people live a healthier life. We want to do this through scientific excellence and true innovation, by operating with the highest standards of integrity, expanding access to our products and services and employing a committed, self-motivated, innovative, proactive, dynamic, results and detail-oriented workforce that values collaboration.

Helping people live a healthier life

Our commitment to improve lives starts with the patients. They’re the reason we’re in business. And we do our best to make the difference by understanding their needs while we develop new therapeutic products or improving the ones that we have already developed. Throughout the development of our products we try to remain cost conscious as we want most people to be able to access our innovative therapies.


We try to understand the real needs of our customers (patients and doctors) and we use our talent, experience and enthusiasm to address those needs while developing our products. We believe that a successful therapeutic product is created only through innovative thinking, scientific brilliance and the establishment of process and quality excellence.


We have a strong feeling of responsibility towards our customers. These are the doctors who trust us and use our innovative products, the patients who want to improve the quality of their lives through achieving a better health, our employees and the communities we live in. This feeling of responsibility is demonstrated through the adaptation of the highest standards of integrity and ethics in the industry.

Teamwork and collaboration

To be able to differentiated ourselves and excel, we need to establish the appropriate team. We only work with people who have the right education, experience, skills, knowledge, imagination and the ability to be part of and work in a dynamic, innovative, fast moving team.