Our laboratories

Centrifuge_ScientistOur laboratories are located in Athens, Greece. Their size, design and technology  is a paradigm within the industry. They have been designed with the capacity to process alarge number of samples but their capacity can be scaled up according to our needs. They are equipped with the latest technology employed for regenerative biotechnology and tissue engineering applications.

image-16-SAll samples are analyzed and processed in specialized, fully controled Clean Rooms that are constantly monitored to operate based on the highest standards. In fact our Clean Rooms are GMP and ISO certified and they follow the European guidelines for cells and tissue handling. Each sample received at our site is analyzed for microbial infections, using special equipment designed for that purpose.

image-29-SThe analysis of our samples are done internally and we rely only on our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), ensuring this way the cells viability, while avoiding at the same time the possibility of sample infection. The cells are isolated from each tissue and they are counted in specialized automated cells counters (cytometers) that eliminate significantly the possibility of an error.

The operation of our laboratories is constantly monitored by specialized equipment that ensure optimal working condition for every equipment and they are supervised by our scientific director and our well-educated and experienced personnel.