About us


Theracell is a regenerative biotechnology company in the UK, with a subsidiary in Greece where its laboratiries are located. The Company focuses mainly on regenerative biotechnology and medicine. Due to the continuous scientific developments evolving in this field, the company invests heavily on novel technologies and constantly exploits opportunities using autologous adult stem cells and other cellular products. Theracell has a vast experience in the isolation, processing and application of Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC’s), as well as somatic cells and has developed a patented unique platform for tissue engineering, regenerative biotechnology and cell therapies.


Regenerative medicine technologies offer a revolutionary approach in modern medicine. Cell therapies and tissue engineering open new opportunities in addressing unmet medical needs. Through our innovative approach we can now deliver living, cell-based products to accelerate the body’s own natural healing process and activate the body’s inherent ability to repair and regenerate itself.

Regenerative medicine is the process of restoring the biological function of cells, tissues, and organs that has been lost due to congenital abnormalities, injury, disease, or aging. This is achieved either by replacing damaged cells, tissues or organs, or by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanism to heal damaged tissues or organs.

Regenerative biotechnology is the science behind the process. Its purpose is to produce the scientific tools that will be used for the restoration of the biological function of damaged cells, tissues, and organs.