Cell Therapies

Hood1Our bodies are designed to heal and repair damaged tissue. Aging, environment, disease and injury are factors that lead to impaired healing i.e. our bodies lose the capacity to completely heal themselves. Theracell’s scientists have developed innovative technologies for the isolation of stem cells with high regenerative capacity and their use for the production of highly effective and safe cell therapy products.

Cell therapy is the prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of disease or injuries in humans through the use cells that have been manipulated in an appropriate way. The goal of cell therapy, overlapping with that of regenerative medicine, is to repair, replace or restore damaged tissues or organs.

Cell therapy may take the form of a stem cell or differentiated cell transplant. Regardless of the type of cellular therapy, production of the therapeutic product may require several complex techniques to alter or manipulate the cell. Cell engineering techniques may include:

  • Propagation of cells
  • Expansion of cells
  • Selection of cells
  • Activation of cells
  • Alteration of biological characteristics of cells so that they grow in a 3-D environment

 Theracell’s scientists have performed extensive research in several medical fields. To effectively manage the therapies offerred, efforts currently focus  in orthopedics, dermatology and plastic surgery. Other fileds such as  minimally invasive neurology and nephrology are under development.