incubatorAfter extensive research, Theracell has developed several very effective and safe cellular products (namely CytoFillers) for the treatment of scars and the correction of wrinkles. CytoFillers are composed of cells (stem cells or fibroblasts, depending on the application) and a special injectable (internal) matrix for the 3-D culture of the cells.

Currently the following CytoFillers have been developed in our laboratories:

FibroFill is a product that is composed of skin fibroblasts and a special form of hyaluronic acid.

StemFill is a product that is composed of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) and a special form of hyaluronic acid.

The CytoFillers can be used either for the treatment of scars, or for the correction of wrinkles. After the application of the product, there is an immediate effect and a long-term effect. The immediate effect is the filling of the wound scar, which is mainly due to the hyaluronic acid. The long-term effect is due to the skin regeneration, which is due to the cells (fibroblasts or stem cells) that are injected at the site of the scar or the wrinkle.

Currently we curry out research to further improve the above CytoFillers and develop additional products in this category.