Our Science

Theracell focuses mainly on regenerative biotechnology and medicine. Due to the continuous scientific developments evolving in biotechnology, the company invests heavily on novel technologies and very well trained and experienced personnel, creating thus one of the most modern, integrated and innovative laboratories in Europe. Due to this infrastructure and our affinity for science and biotechnology in particular, our business relates to several scientific and medical areas.

A number of applications have been developed so far by Theracell. They are classified in four technology platforms, as follows:


Our products are developed following a standardized approach that we have established for tissue engineering and cell therapies. This approach can be used for the development of regenerative biotechnology products with application in the regeneration and anaplasis of several tissues and organs, such as the joints, the skin, the heart muscle, the kidney, etc.

Advantages and benefits of Theracell’s Regenerative Biotechnology products over conventional techniques:

1. Fully Autologous Regenerative Biotechnology Products

The products developed by Theracell originate from the body’s own cells (autologous cells).

    • This leads to impressive results through the activation and acceleration of the natural process of regeneration of the cells of the body.
    • These procedures are completely safe and they have a clear advantage over other conventional methods as no exogenous material is used. Therefore the possibility of adverse events, rejection or infections caused from animal or artificial factors is completely eliminated.

2. Minimally Invasive Sample Collection

Theracell  has developed a novel, proprietary minimally invasive methodology for the collection of tissues and the subsequent isolation of stem cells.

The benefits of this unique methodology are the following:

    • Sample collection is easy to perform without the need of special skills by the doctor
    • The collection is virtually painless for the patient
    • There are no post-operative marks after sample collection – excellent choice from an aesthetic point of view

3. Rejuvenation and priming of stem cells

Theracell uses an internally developed technology, to enrich the final cell preparation with cells that contain healthier (longer) telomeres. The application of this methodology leads to a final cell population that is composed mainly of younger and therefore more potent stem cells.

4. Minimally Invasive Therapy Application

Treatment application is performed in a minimally invasive way which means that there is minimal intervention (simple injection).

    • No special skills are required by the doctor for the application of the therapy
    • There is virtually no pain
    • Fast recovery for the patient
    • Minimal post-operative marks

5. Cryopreservation of Cells for Multiple Future Applications

Part of the cells collected can be cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees Celcius), so that they can be used again in the future.

    • Fast access to the patient’s own biologic material for future applications
    • No need to collect another tissue sample